Dr Nate Adams


Work and Clients

I’ve presented live for some top companies, bodies and charities including the following groups. I’m conscientious, and with extra skills in handling dangerous chemicals and goods, a dab hand at demo development and creative narrative led script writing.


Looking for a show or a talk?

I’ve always been a bit ‘theatrical’, and while I’m always up for a standard science ‘talk’ (although I can bet you I’ll probably still try and set something on fire), I’ve fallen in love with presenting and producing high octane, over the top science extraveganzas. Whether this is set within a larger gig, or full length stories of science I’m a fan. I’m also a fan of fire, ice, foam, mess and terrible dancing. But all the demonstrations I do are not only fully risk assessed, but also have a narrative point. I don’t just do bangs for the hell of it.

If you’re interested in a show, you can see some of my previous shows below (which are available), or have a chat with me if you’d like something new and bespoke.

Sound of Science

Join the Sound of Science gang for a live extravaganza, featuring electropop music from our house band, incredible 3D visuals that leap from the screen and fiery, colourful and explosive demonstrations of science, where we explore what the universe is made of, why you stick to the ground and what exactly is light – and how are you eating it.

The Rainbow Show

Join in on highly interactive tour of all things bright and colourful! By day, Dr. Nate investigates how plants convert light into the food that helps them grow – he finds this amazing! In this Travelling Rainbow Show, you’ll learn how to get hands on with light, use the word ‘wavicle’ in everyday conversation and see some amazing scientific demonstrations, including giant bubbles, ultraviolet and infrared #scienceselfies and Dr. Nate’s famous Flamebow!

How Small is Small

I’m a biologist, and enjoy all things squishy. I deal in the ‘small’, but how small is small to a biologist? I explores the science, techniques and machines that have made it possible to explore the hidden worlds around us. Expect some mild peril and a big bang to finish things off!

Throwing Spanners at Nanobots

Enzymes are the original nanobots. They work furiously and specifically to produce the products required for a cell to respire, respond and reproduce. Using his research, Nate dissects the roles of nanobots, and using exciting demonstrations (involving fire and explosives!), brings photosynthesis, chemistry and spectroscopy to life on a big scale.

Woodcut Science

What do you when you obtain a Van de Graaff generator – you make some high voltages! High voltages and science have been friends for a very long time, so he has been delving through his history books, endeavoring to recreate some of his favorite demonstrations from the 18th and 19th century, including Abbé Nollet’s Electrified Child, some of Joseph Preistley’s Dephlogisticated air, and possibly something highly flammable and rocket propelled.

Ridiculously Rapid Reactions

From farming techniques and transportation, to our own human cells, chemical reactions keep our modern world in motion. But often they’re too slow and we need to speed things up. We need catalysts! Join Nate and Nicola as they guide you through the curious world of catalysis. Explore the chemistry, physics and biology of catalysts and see impressive demonstrations of catalysts in action.